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July, 23rd: Is it Germany against Cheap as Possible, or just one Greek against the law?
Today El Pemio, the former driver of the band, has his court date. Even if it sounds romanticly and similar to an heroic epic, the judge can make an example of the band. It could be an example of how to treat people that try to stand against the state authority. We hope the best and root for El Premio! Further information will be provided soon as possible.


CHEAP. Although the band rejected El Premio's overture to rename the band to CHEAP, he knows what is cheap:
Doing a medical-psychological assessment coasts money- driving without license is cheaper now. He has enough experience.
Even CHEAP: The airport security of Madrid. ¿Cuánto es Baltus el terrorista? Better to unarm. Having taken his knife, they tried to explain that these are the rules. Take away and destroy. No way- this is disseisin! Fuck you, airport sheriff! Fuck your law! The knife wasn't Baltus' weapon, you would need to disarm him differently.
Here is the next song 'Wir warten':


CHEAP as POSSIBLE's former driver El Premio is trying to explain, driving with the found blood alcohol level of 1.9 parts per thousand is possible. He did not have just a couple of beers and some spirits, but also some coke. Have we to blame the Coca Cola company now for giving El Premio the concentration and the hubris to believe to be able to drive a car?
Here is the next of our promised tracks called Torment Acupuncture (Face up to Death):


CHEAP as POSSIBLE had a driver! El Premio has been taken the driving license, the police found a blood alcohol level of 1.9 parts per thousand while driving. We say, this is impossible!
Here is the first of our promised tracks called My holy Instinct:



There are no really new news. The band is working hard, and we have been to the studios again. So we promise new tracks coming soon.


After having played at Signs of Dexterity art market now the band need another bass player. We don't like the situation, it's a shame.


Don't understand the search enginges! Being No 1 when searching for 'cheap' and 'possible' on Google now, seems to be banned by many others. They still deliver but even not, our newest one. Fuck the web!

March 21st:

We have a new foe! As violating contracts with big partners as other states and criminalizing plants would not be enough, now Germany want to expel our bass guitarist Ivan with wrong reason

February 25th:

Feinschmecker- backside

Feinschmecker- frontside

Paul- last steps

February 9th: The first record realese 'Feinschmecker' is online! Listen to Feinschmecker, Zeuge & Teil and Ciao here on this page!

February 6th: Welcome our new bass guitar player Ivan Acosta from Bogota (Colombia)! 





Baltus in front of Werk9

Paul in front of Werk9

Baltus inside of our rehearsal room in Werk9

Baltus inside of our rehearsal room in Werk9

Paul inside of our rehearsal room in Werk9

Paul inside of our rehearsal room in Werk9

Paul inside of our rehearsal room in Werk9


December 2013/ January 2014: The first demos are online! Listen to Zeuge und Teil and Feinschmecker
We're leading the search engines! Although Google still seems to ignore us, we're already are on the first places of many others as Yahoo, BingMetacrawler or Duckduckgo when looking for cheap and possible!

September/ October 2013: Still watching for a bass guitar player, meanwhile some people have been tested. Ian aka Chico from Argentinia showed much of encouraging but has been a fake player, Bogdan has not been better, Volker ('the Werewolf of Treptow') has shown bad behaviour and and and
The search goes on, at the moment the band decide for Petra M 2.2 (waiting for an update to vers. 3.0), Baltus' cellphone, that does a good job too.

Petra M 2.3

30th August 2013: First three 3 songs ready prepared to be played live! Great show at Ma Thilda, Berlin Neukoelln

July/ August 2013: The band was founded by Baltus and Paul in Berlin (Germany), the name 'Cheap As Possible' has been found fast, also a room to practice is found

Nirvana medical marijuana seeds

Impressum: Baltus Baumbauer, Schmollerplatz 14, 12435 Berlin, Germany,